Car Rental Terms and Conditions Chisinau

These terms and conditions for “Car Rental Chisinau” include basic information that our customers need to know when using our car rental services. Please read carefully and contact us if you have any questions.


When making a car reservation, please provide correct information.
Before confirming your booking, please check all conditions and rates carefully.
Reservations are made based on customer demand and car availability.
The minimum age of the driver is 21 years;
Minimum driving experience of 3 years;
Traffic area (area – region – country, etc.);
Duration of the rental contract;
Number of rented vehicles;
With or without driver;
minimum age of the client – from 21 years;
The car is delivered with a full tank and must be returned in the same condition (full tank);
Car clean inside and out, and must be returned in the same condition (cared for inside and out);
When handing over the car, it will be tested together with the person renting the car (the shades of the car will be checked and the car will be handed over in an open form);
At the moment of receiving the car, it will be tested together with the person who rented the car (the shades of the car will be checked and you will receive the form of receipt of the car in open form);
Speed limit up to 50 km/h in the city, and up to 90 km/h on national roads);
Value-added services, etc.;
All vehicles are RCA insured and have a roadworthiness test report. CASCO insurance specified in each individual case;

Duration of the Rental

The duration of the rental is based on the start and end dates specified at the time of booking.
If it is necessary to extend the rental, customers are offered appropriate rates and conditions.
Chisinau car rental for foreign citizens:
Driver’s license;
Guarantee amount

Rates and Payments

Rental rates are calculated based on the amounts specified at the time of booking.
Additional fees may apply for damages, traffic fines or other additional services.
Payment must be made according to the methods specified at the time of booking.

Insurance and Security Deposit

Insurance options are offered for the duration of the rental and are adjusted according to the customer’s preferences.
The security deposit is charged to cover any damages incurred during the rental and is returned at the end of the rental.

Cancellations and Changes

Cancellations or changes to reservations are accepted under certain conditions and within the specified time limits.
Cancellation and change policies are based on the conditions specified at the time of booking.

Use of the Machine

The rental car must be used in accordance with the specified conditions and instructions for use.
The car can only be driven by the specified drivers during the rental period.

Legal Responsibilities

The renter is responsible for the legal use of the car in accordance with traffic laws and regulations.
The hirer is responsible for any damage or breakages to the car during the hire period.
Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs;
Smoking and alcohol consumption in the passenger compartment (otherwise specified in advance);
Speeding over 50 km/h in the city, and more than 90 km/h on national roads (otherwise specified in advance);
Violation of the speed limit;
Intentionally – negligent operation of the vehicle;
Off-road riding;
Illegal transfer of a vehicle to persons admitted to driving;
Ignoring traffic and traffic police rules;
Street racing, quick start;
Movement in the area not provided for the passage of light vehicles, etc.;

Customer Services

Our customer service team is available to assist you with any questions, issues or requests.
For contact information, please visit our website or contact us directly.

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