Mercedes c class

Daily Rental : 70 €

Car Features

Model year


Fuel consumption

8 L / 100 km


Renting a Mercedes C-Class from the Airport If you're looking for an unforgettable travel experience in Chisinau, opting to rent a Mercedes C-Class car from Chisinau International Airport could be the perfect choice for you. Offering a perfect blend of luxury, performance, and elegance, the Mercedes C-Class is ideal for enjoying every moment of your journey in the capital of Moldova. Luxury and Comfort at Your Fingertips With refined design and high-quality interior amenities, the Mercedes C-Class will provide you with an exceptional driving experience. From premium materials to advanced technology integrated into every detail, you'll feel the luxury and comfort from the moment you first encounter the car. Performance and Reliability With a powerful engine and smooth transmission, the Mercedes C-Class will offer you a pleasant and safe driving experience during your journey. Whether you're exploring the city or traveling longer distances, you can trust that this car will deliver the top-notch performance and reliability you expect from a brand like Mercedes-Benz. Simple and Convenient Rental With rental services available at Chisinau International Airport, renting a Mercedes C-Class becomes a simple and convenient process. With flexible booking options and competitive rates, you'll soon have the keys to this luxury car in your hands, ready to provide you with an unforgettable travel experience in Moldova. Conclusion Renting a Mercedes C-Class car from Chisinau International Airport will not only provide you with the perfect means of transportation but also a luxurious and comfortable experience throughout your journey. Whether you're on a business trip or leisure travel, this car will allow you to fully enjoy every moment spent in Chisinau and its surroundings.

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